Thursday, July 08, 2010

Painting & Pondering

Some random thoughts while painting & listening to old tapes…

Metallica: "And Justice For All"
Man, why are these guys so angry? This is, like, their 4th album…they're majorly rich rock stars by this point! All that shouting & those dark lyrics…sheesh. Get with the times, dudes…sing about partying & getting laid, already!

W.A.S.P.: "Live in the Raw"
Aw, man, this is that song Gino & I used to sing along to on our way to marching band! Shit, that was always so great…shove my quads & his snare into the hatch of my Omni, then drive over to the field. Gino, if there's a heaven, I hope you're sittin' in it. Smokin' a big ol' fat doobie with St. Peter himself. Here's the chorus, turn it up and sing along…THIS ONE'S FOR YOU, GINO! "Lick it hard, lap it up, do it now baby, touch it, touch it! Lick your lips and flex your claws, shuck me, suck me, eat me raw! Ooohh, harder, faster! Yeah, that's what I need, 'cause, now that's a-what I'm after! Come do that wicked deed…!"

MSG: "Perfect Timing"
Man, I love this color! Goosebill. Hell, it looks like warm orange to me, but it is bitchin'! And it goes on SO much better than that shit-ass Bullfinch in Roz's room…fuck, I can't believe that shit's gonna need a third coat…at LEAST! Hmmm, this tape sounds warped, guess it's time to throw it away. *toss*

Vixen: s/t
Cripes, who the hell painted this room before? I never noticed until I got right down next to it, but there's little splatters of white all OVER the damn place! Some NOT so little ones, too! Fucking loser-ass can't-paint-worth-a-shit motherfuckers. *exasperated sigh*

Skid Row: s/t
Man, this shit makes me think of A. Remember when we went to see Skid Row? Yeah, and Pantera opened. Heh. I bet THAT shit's reversed now…although, come to think of 'er, I haven't heard boo from Pantera lately, either. I guess that's because I don't read Hit Parader or Metal Edge anymore. *sigh* Sure was a fun night, though! Whole crowd on it's damn feet, singin' along: "You call us problem child, we spend our lives on trial, we walk an endless mile, we are the YOUTH GONE WILD!" Awesome.

Alice Cooper: Constrictor
Man, I love this paint! This so totally makes up for the mess in Roz's room. It don't smell bad, either. Heh. Remember painting at Mom's house, all those years ago? We were still using oil paint then, and the fumes were getting pretty bad back in the corner behind the door. Mom said at one point near the end: "I think I'll go out and get some fresh air for a bit." Took me about 45 minutes to finish up what I was doing, by which time I finally wondered what the hell had happened to her! I went outside and she was lying more-or-less spread eagle in the grass. Face up, but still. I think she sorta…not passed out, per se, but definitely went elsewhere for awhile. Yeah, and those fumes always made your cigarette taste funny afterward, too. Man, I'd like a smoke right now. Hmmm, I still have some from visiting Eric a couple weeks ago…