Saturday, December 08, 2007

Nocturnal Meanderings and Musings

Just got back from a chilly walk to the video store. It's a nice walk - maybe 1.5 miles round-trip - and it's one that Miss Tessmacher and I have made a hundred times or more since we moved to St. Johns. Tonight was a solo walk, as it has been on this weekend for several years now. She's up in Traverse City, playing with the symphony there for their annual holiday extravaganza. I stayed behind - without the babe, so it's lonely - to get my end-of-semester grading done. Toward the end of the day I get a little burned out, so I make this trip to the video store and rent all sorts of high-octane action/adventure crap that she has no real desire to see. On these walks, I get to free-associate in my mind, which is the heart and soul of the creator's journey. Here are some of my musings of the evening:

• The cold air feels so great in my lungs. It's chilly tonight - in the teens - and I was gulping in great breaths that pure air. Makes a person feel glad to be alive.

• Lots of folks have their holiday lights up. This is probably a topic more appropirate for Classy, Tacky or Stupid, but I'm always amazed at some of the ways people express their seasonal mood. I loathe the inflatable balloon-things - especially the sunglasses-wearing Santa on a Harley - but many people have fairly classy decorations. One of my favourites was a house that was for sale this summer, a kind of run-down older home that was listed for around $70k. Some lucky family snatched it off the market, and when I walked by tonight there's a big cheery tree in the front picture window. The house got some love for the season...I like that.

• My mind was wandering around looking for new song lyrics, and I revisited a line from some movie Tess & I saw several years ago. The line that I liked was "all we have is who we are to each other." It struck me as particularly expressive, and I came up with several good verses and a chorus as well. If I only played the guitar...alas, I guess GarageBand will have to do.

• There's a small antique store 2 blocks east of us; it's just a bunch of junk that some old lady keeps in her house. You have to ring her doorbell, and she lets you in to look around. I know this because my mom & I stopped there on an antique trek across the state, maybe 10 years ago. You can see my house from there, the (classy) white miniature lights outlining the front porch, and it always gives me little goosebumps to think about the fact that I stopped there all those years ago, just a couple hundred yards from my future home...

• People are friendly in this town. I passed several solo walkers like myself, as well as one family pushing a stroller along the snow-covered sidewalks, and without fail these people always greeted me with a friendly word and well-wishes. It's nice...strangers taking the time to bestow good cosmic karma on their fellow townsfolk.

Peace, all.


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Sounds like a great, soulful walk to the video store. :)

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