Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ready to Rock & Roll

At first, Miss Tessmacher and I (and the Rozzle, natch!) were set to visit Aunt 'Da and Unca Joel in Ann Arbor. But, Tess only just returned from her summer teaching gig Up North, and she's a little tired of traveling. SO. We're gonna do it THIS way: Aunt 'Da will come up HERE to visit with her sis, and I will head south to A2 to hang with Unca Joel. Y'know what that means? Plenty of record shopping, beer drinking, perhaps a smoke of the hooka, and then Friday night, bay-bah…

Rock and fuckin'-a ROLL!

(Did I…mention we have 12th-row seats???)

It'll be pure, unadulterated, middle-aged metal mayhem. I am…SO looking forward to this. A review when I return.


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