Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Health Care "Reform"

So, Sen. Max Baucus and his "Gang of Six" have finally delivered a bill proclaiming itself to be health care reform. Uh…this may be the most emaciated, worthless piece of junk that has come down the pike in quite awhile. It looks like it'll help almost no one, hospitals and drug companies are happy with it (sure to be a bad sign, when big-biz is happy with a piece of legislation!), and it does nothing to reform tort laws and malpractice suits. It looks like empty posturing by people who want credit for "doing something," even when that something borders on Orwellian doublespeak.

And I just had this thought today: why is this Gang of Six coming up with this legislation in the first place? Who appointed them to put this together? Iowa, New Mexico, Maine, Montana, North Dakota, and Wyoming. Those are the states these Senators are from. Notice anything about that list? I did, the first time I ever saw it put together in that fashion. That's RIGHT! These are states with ALMOST NO PEOPLE IN THEM!!! Iowa is the most-populated, at 3 million people, and is 30th in a ranking of most-to-least populated states. Wyoming is dead last, with just under 533,000 people. All together, the six states represented by this Gang have 8,441,000 people living in them. That total - TOTAL! - is less than each individual state in the top 11 on the list. It's roughly equal to the population of New York City alone. Why are these Senators, who represent almost no one (sorry to the inhabitants of those six states, but it's true by ranking), making up legislation that'll affect everyone?!? Just sayin'.


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