Monday, December 14, 2009

Lifestyles and Taxpayer Dollars

So, I was "lucky" enough this morning to hear a Senator opine that "no taxpayer dollars" (re: the health care debate/debacle) should be used to fund abortions, and it was that simple. Hmmm. Really? Is it really that simple? Because that seems to be a judgement against morality and lifestyle choices. By the same token, then, I want "no taxpayer dollars" going toward the following:

1) bypass surgery for some dumbass who "didn't know" that eating bacon for breakfast 7 days a week was "bad" for him;

2) chemotherapy and radiation for the lung cancer of a smoker…or, oxygen tanks for someone with emphysema who lives in/near Los Angeles;

3) insulin needles and injections for some fat bitch who wouldn't control her appetite or get off the couch to get some regular exercise;

4) a cast for a dipshit kid who shoulda oughta known better than to climb that tree;

5) dental care for any vain bastard who wants his teeth whitened;

See what I mean? You start down that slippery slope, and there's all kinds a'stuff that shouldn't be covered by taxpayer dollars in a health-insurance program. That's the problem with trying to legislate morality: you always run up against someone's competing morals.


Blogger Strangeite said...

While I agree with the primary thesis of this blog post, I simply cannot get behind the belief that eating bacon for breakfast 7 days a week is a bad thing.

Bacon is never a bad thing.

Bacon used in a homicide is still good bacon. Bacon that votes Republican is good bacon. Even Nazi bacon is a good thing.

Otherwise, great points.

11:49 AM  
Blogger sdb said...

Let's hear it for bacon!

1:25 PM  

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