Monday, October 11, 2010

I Want This! Aaannd…THAT!

Read a hilarious news article today about Social Security recipients not receiving their COLA again this year. This will make two years in a row now that SS recips do not receive a Cost Of Living Adjustment because - ta daaa! - there's no inflation. Which, by raw numbers, turns out to be true. Since the COLA was adopted in…what was it, '74? '75?…inflation, even a tiny bit, has been steadily rising, so for 35 years now SS recips have gotten used to an "annual raise." But, even though most of us are finding that our dollars are being stretched to see-through lengths, there isn't a "real" rise in inflation this year (compared to 2008, which is what it would have to beat); so, no COLA.

This is GREAT news, because of course that means we're finally getting a handle on that pesky deficit, as well as reining in that 64% of fuckin' freeloaders for whom their monthly SS check is a primary income source. I think we're well on the way to eliminating SS altogether, which is the fiscally responsible thing to do, as well as a great boon in shrinking a bloated government. Yes, by all means: let's get rid of SS, and get the damn gub'mint outta my wallet!

Of course, almost no one sees it this way. People who are so dimwitted they are outshone intellectually by Edison's first light bulb scream on the one hand that government is spending too much, we need to cut back, yadda yadda. Then, on the other hand, they scream about not getting "what's rightfully theirs." These lackluster dipshits like to blame Congress, the President, the IRS, everyone they can point a finger at for all their ills. "Impeach Obama, he's a socialist!" So, when there's no COLA for SS recips this year? Here are some actual comments from the news article:

"I'll now be sure to vote for Obama and the rest of the Dem's controlling our government. Yep! Anyone who votes for these socialists is either a minority or an idiot. Which are you?" (Uh…I'm the idiot that recognizes lowering or eliminating SS is ANTI-SOCIALIST, you nitwit!)

"stay mad freedom from this socialism in nov." (Again: isn't this exactly what you wanted? LESS social spending??)

"dear pres. obama, please advise me, how I can stay warm, when they shut off my electricity this winter, thank you, a soc. sec. receipient!" (That's easy: energy costs have dropped after a spike in 2008. If you could afford electricity then, you can afford it now.)

"More housing foreclosers on our seniors coming up - thanks to Obama! Granny's being tossed onto the street, eating dog and with no meds courtesy of the Messiah!!" (As to the whole "Messiah" thing…no comment, numbnuts. But, this is what you wanted, right? You wanted less gov't in your life? Then why don't YOU take care of your fuckin' granny?)

And so forth. Obviously I'm picking and choosing from the comments, but the whole thing is a laugh-riot because it seems that the selfsame folks who want a balanced budget and a turning-back of some "socialist tide" are now pissy because they're getting exactly that: no new spending on SS raises this year, and less socialist interference in their retirement. But nooooo…some people gotta have it both ways. *BZZZZZZT* Sorry, can't happen, thanks for playing, we have some lovely prizes including the home edition of "Which Fuckin' Way Do You Want It?".

Enough of a double-standard. One standard is enough, thanks. Pick a side: if you want your SS check, you believe in the social benefits offered in this country. If you claim you want the check, but only because you were forced to pay in, that's fine too: but, be happy that the administration isn't paying out unnecessary funds. If you don't want the check, and don't pay into the SS system, great: that's still a money savings. Just pick a side, and then stay put.


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