Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Mexico Log, Part 3

Monday, 1/1/07

The Millers (Tess included!) went to the store while I drank coffee and took a VERY healthy shit. (Note to self: this might be due to the copious tequila consumed the previous night. Must investigate this phenomenon further.) After a shower there was breakfast of fresh pineapple and gold mine sandwiches, then we all loaded into the car (fast becoming my LEAST favorite thing) and headed to the ruins of Tulum. The site was "open", but with no guide we decided to return a different day.

We skirted east of town and had a leisurely lunch at the seaside Zamas restaurant, then played on the adjacent beach.

I finally understand why sea water is undrinkable...SO salty! My only previous experience with salt water was the summer I turned 8, and memory has long since faded of the taste. I also finally understand the concept of undertow, as the sea slowly & deliberately pulled us further and further out. We all enjoyed watching small pelicans and other sea birds dive for fish in the shallows. (Note to self: learn how a bird with a 5' wingspan can dive from 50' into water no deeper than my shins without sticking beak comically into sand.)

Some time was spent browsing the quasi-tourist fare in Tulum proper, but Tess tires quickly these days (all that baby-making energy!) and the sky was starting to darken toward the short equatorial dusk. Amanda, Joel & I enjoyed a swim in the pool upon arrival back at La Sirena, accompanied by hefty margaritas.

Dinner became a slightly hectic affair: Tess pretty much gets hungry RIGHT NOW, with little warning. No one had started dinner because we thought we might go out, but our destination restaurant was closed. Attempts were made to placate Tess' growling belly with various offers of make-do snacks, but what she really wanted was FOOD. The galley kitchen at La Sirena only really accommodates 3 people...

and it's crowded at that, so I graciously allowed the 3 Miller women to fuss about the narrow space while I escaped into a nap on the couch.

A relatively short time later we sat down to "Aztec Casserole", which was delicious in spite of missing a few minor ingredients, such as chicken. The meal was late and everyone seemed done in by the sun at Zamas, so instead of going out we consumed leisurely beers (in Tess' case, yet another flavorful water) and engaged in philosophical conversation re: Joel's Brethren heritage.


Blogger Suze said...

ah, yes, i remember those beerless preggo days when i could easily eat more than my husband....
sounds like a neat trip!

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