Sunday, December 07, 2008

PJ Weekend

So, I got home from work Friday, went to get groceries, and got into my "fat pants": cozy flannel sleepy pants, plus a cotton t-shirt and hoodie. Add to that my ridiculously over-fluffy sheepskin slippers, and I was set. For the whole weekend. Oh, I took a shower...on Saturday. And, put on clean underwear, socks, and a shirt, but stepped right back into my jammies. Smoke on the front porch with Mom? No problemo! It wasn't too cold to preclude keeping on my favorite plaid loungewear. Sunday? Not even a shower, baby. No clean nothin', just schlepping around in Saturday's clothes.


Before she left for her Irish Tenors gig on Sunday, I joked with Miss Tessmacher that the baby and I were going to romp around in our jammies all day, and that's exactly what we did. What fun! The Rozzle is doing so many amazing things at nearly 17 months old, it's hard to know where to begin. She knows her alphabet, she counts pretty well, and she's close to spelling her own name. On the walking front, she's beginning to understand that there's life beyond "The Push" (as we call her obnoxiously-bright plastic Fisher Price toy), and soon she won't look like the world's tiniest granny, zooming around the room behind her gaily-festooned walker. And while she still wants to watch way too much TV and YouTube (recent faves: Charlie Brown, SuperWhy!, the old Sesame Street Yip-Yip aliens, and the Mickey Mouse March), she can usually be distracted with something else. Usually. Still, snack time is TV time, and we generally end up sitting down for some YouTube exploration once a day.

Readin' & countin'.
Saddle up, pardner!
"Mickey Mouse? Watch?"

Trying to put a toy in the "trunk" of The Push.

In other exciting news: it's near the end of the semester, and I'm near to done with grading. (*sighs*) Lovely. Plans for the break include lots of family time, several gigs for Tess, and a New Year's Eve that's up in the air at this point. We generally go up to the Island, but it's been so long since we've seen friends that we may elect to try to get together somewhere downstate.

The snow is coming fast & furious, and I have the best neighbors in the world. The guy to the north of us typically snow-blows the west sidewalk by our house, and the guy to the east of us typically shovels the south sidewalk in front...and our porch, while he's at it! I hope this isn't some sort of wake-up call that I'M the "bad neighbor" who doesn't get out and clear the walks, but rather just the generosity of folks who got to it before I could. I don't go out & shovel after dark, and my work schedule means that I'm not home to clear walkways until after 3:00 or 4:00. I return the snow-removal favor when I'm first off the line...but lately, I haven't been. I'm thinking some boozy gifts may be in order!

Randomly: I need to control my eyebrows. They're just seriously long and out of control. Some folks wake up with bed-head...I wake up with bed-brows. Aloe will typically tame them, but eventually I have to pluck a 2" monster before I end up looking like this:

Eyebrows = (Must Cut)2

Or, much worse, this:
I'd make Jeannie *blink!* those brows away, but she's now a secretary at Ewing Oil!

And, that pretty much wraps things up here. Speaking of wrapping...I need to get some fuckin' paper out and make our tree look a little less lonely. Like my mother, I'm not terribly fond of wrapping, but I love the festive look of brightly-wrapped presents under our "holiday table." Maybe I ought to just give really big, outrageous presents that preclude the need for paper & ribbon. Hmmm...something to ponder.


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