Thursday, January 11, 2007

Mexico Log, Part 5

Wednesday, 1/3/07

Up & around again as usual: we seem to have settled into a routine of getting up around 8:00 (excluding Mr. Joel, of course), eating (this morning was huevos rancheros) and showering (separately, you pervs!) before heading out to do our daily thing. Bruce was better, but not 100% today, so he elected to stay behind while the 5 of us went shopping for souveniers back in Tulum Ciudad. Actually, Amanda & Joel were quite disappointed because they had wanted to go to a bullfight in Cancun this day. Joel felt - and I agree with this, in principle - that while in Mexico, let's do the things you can ONLY do in Mexico. But...a bullfight is still a bullfight, and if I had any hope that the BULL might actually win I'd be more tempted to go, but as things stood the rest of us just weren't interested in the inevitably sad spectacle.

In other events, Joel, Amanda & I had tried to get reservations to go snorkeling out on the reef, but the weather was deemed too windy; we'll try again tomorrow.

Tulum was fun: still touristy, but also a "real" city, unlike the ruins.

We all bought presents for ourselves and others, then had lunch at one of the many sidewalk restaurants. Seems funny to see Chinese food and a pizzaria among the offerings...but, of course the Mexican food the group of us was going ga-ga over is but daily fare to the people who LIVE there. I was amused on my trip to the baƱo, where the door bolt was missing but had been cleverly replaced by a spoon. (Note to self: save some disposal-mutilated flatware for just such an emergency occurrence.)

On the way home we stopped in to make snorkeling reservations at Los Cenotes for Thursday, as well as an all-day trip to a biological reserve on Friday. Back at La Sirena there was the obligatory cool dip in the pool (today was the hottest day yet, with none of the typical late-afternoon clouds rolling in), followed by "charm breaks," as my friend Margaret likes to call them. Some people napped, others chilled out & read, I chose to have a smoke & a margarita up on the large balcony, listening to the close pounding of surf and the gentle rustling of roof thatching from the awning above my head.

Bruce again skipped out on going to dinner, so the 5 of us went back to La Buena Vida to sample the food. A posted sign advised that LBV was throwing a "full moon party" that same eve. (One gets the feeling that the restaurant finds a reason to throw a party several times per week.) The wind was really whipping off the surf and Tess was chilly, so I hoofed the 1.5 mile round trip back to the condo to get her long-sleeved shirt. I was surprised that not even a drink order had been taken during my 1/2-hour absence, but Joel opened up a can of whup-ass & eventually we were eating a lovely meal. Afterward we trekked out to the Super Chomak (cha-cha, cha-cha-cha) for pesos from the ATM and food. As our snorkeling appointment was set for 10:00am, we elected to skip the full moon party and relax on the porch with beers & smokes.


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When were you planning to USE the silverware for our bathroom stall locks- WE DON'T HAVE BATHROOM STALLS!!! Sheesh! This is why you're the collector, and I'm the useless object nazi.

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