Monday, January 22, 2007

Mexico Log, Part 8

Saturday, 1/6/07

And so all good things must end. We were up, fed & out the door by 8:40am. We bumped & scraped our way up the road to Highway 307 & headed north to Cancun. Once we dropped off the slightly-worse-for-wear Stratus that had been our chariot during the trip (luckily no one looked underneath) we shuttled over to the airport for a fairly easy check-in. Our 12:25 flight to Houston was delayed by 20 minutes, but we ultimately hit the gate nearly at our scheduled arrival time. Luck was with us, as we arrived at Gate E2, and were LEAVING for Detroit from E3, so I figured we had plenty of time to grab some lunch & not feel rushed. HA!! First we had to walk all the way to the main terminal to go through immigration and customs, a trip that seemed to be no shorter than a mile. THEN we had to get the checked luggage, only to have to RECHECK same. That could have been less efficient...or, wait, no, it couldn't. :-( THEN we had to go through security...only because we'd left the passenger boarding area to go through customs. By the time all this had taken place our outbound flight home was no longer showing on the board...but we decided it was worth a run for it just in case. Lo and behold the plane was still at the gate, so the 6 of us got on (to the sullen stares of passengers who by this time had been SITTING on the plane for nearly an hour). We later found out that 12 other people trying to make that connection didn't make the dash to the gate, and were instead replaced with 12 stand-bys.

As I'm writing this we're in the air, due to arrive in Detroit on time (tailwinds, I guess). The trip was grand & exciting, and now I'm glad to be going home. And back to work. WAIT!!! Turn this stinkin' plane arouuuuunnnd...!

Mexico by the numbers

Cuban cigars smoked: 2
Pints of tequila consumed: probably 6-8
Beers drunk: upwards of 30
Gallons of salt water swallowed: 10!
Miles traveled packed 6 to a car: around 200
Bumps hit in said car: ∞


Blogger Nitmos said...

Bouts with diarrhea?
Here's to (hoping) Zero!

10:58 AM  
Blogger Jenn Hacker said...

Sounds like a grand time was had by all!

5:03 PM  
Blogger L*I*S*A said...

Sounds like a great time. Glad to have you three home safe and sound. :)

8:24 PM  

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